Steve's Chicken Protein Bites – Freeze-Dried Gut Health Treats for Dogs and Cats (4 oz)

Steve's Real Food

Steve’s Real Food Chicken Protein Bites are a simple and delicious way to help support your pet’s digestion. These treats are for dogs and cats. Protein Bites are made with free-range chicken to deliver the power of fermentation to your pet in the most palatable way. The “wild fermentation” process used in the custom superfood blend by Gussy’s Gut provides pre, pro, and postbiotics to contribute to a diverse microbiome in your pet’s gut. 

Protein Bites from Steve’s Real Food are a wholesome and delicious freeze-dried treat for dogs and cats. Packed with high-quality chicken, these treats are a source of essential amino acids, supporting your pet’s muscle development and overall well-being. Whether training, bonding, or simply indulging your pet, these bite-sized gut-health bites offer a burst of flavor and nutrition in every nibble. With Steve’s Real Food Chicken Protein Bites, you can treat your four-legged friend to a snack that’s delicious and nutritious. Elevate their treat-time experience with the natural goodness of chicken, and watch your pet’s tail wag with delight. It’s time to make every moment special with these delectable bites from Steve’s Real Food.


Ground Chicken, Organic Collard Greens, Organic Cauliflower, Organic Carrots, Organic Fennel, Organic Green Apples, Organic Ginger, Organic Chamomile, Organic Slippery Elm Bark, Organic Peppermint, Salt Fenugreek, Local Raw Honey, Coconut Oil

Ingredient Sourcing:

Protein Bites are meticulously sourced with ingredients from grass-fed, organic, biodynamic, and regenerative farmers. We use humanely-raised, free-range chicken, without the see of antibiotics or hormones, to deliver the power of fermentation to your dog in the most palatable way. We go the extra mile by never allowing the use of pesticides or herbicides in any of our ingredients, including the salt used in our fermentation process. This salt is extracted from an ancient seabed in Utah, USA, untouched by modern pollutants, ensuring its purity and imbuing it with an array of trace minerals for unparalleled nutritional benefits. Our goat kefir comes from contented, grass-fed goats, and we establish personal connections with our producers, visiting them to ensure they meet our stringent standards.


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