JERRY R COLE EVx Restricted Diet: Senior And Joint Health



EVx Restricted Diet that may provide dietary support for aging and joints. With natural DHA and added Taurine, L Carnitine, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin.

Benefits: Formulated with nutritionists and experts, EVx Restricted Diet’s Senior and Joint Recipe is a great option for older cats or cats who need additional joint support. This can also be used as an everyday dinner for cats.

Texture: Pâté Style

  • Uses Alltech (R) NVGEN to feed the gastrointestinal tract for healthy aging
  • Yucca Schidegera Extract, Dried Chicory Root, and Hydrolyzed Yeast (Actigen (R) ) position cats to support digestive health
  • Added Taurine, L Carnitine, Glucosamine, Chondroitin,
  • With Postbiotics
  • Contains functional metabolites and yeast fractions that feed the microbiome
  • Contains natural salmon oil (from salmon) to support brain development

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