BARK Ernesto the Fish Taco Plush Dog Toy (Medium, Polyester)


This fish taco dog toy is a fresh catch for playtime. Ernesto's Fish Taco has whip-n-flip fins stitched from ballistic nylon, and the embroidered body is covered in soft but strong plush fuzz that dogs love to sink their teeth into. A giant tube squeaker is stuffed inside for a deep squeak that's easy on the ears (but still crazy-exciting for your dog). Whether relaxin' on the beach or chowing down on the boardwalk, dogs love what Ernesto has to offer!

  • Made with a medley of materials for a variety of textures
  • Made with a deep squeaker for extra excitement
  • Packed with fluff for mouthfuls of fun
  • Whip-N-Flip fins for dogs who like to thrash when they play

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