SmartyKat Instincts Teaser Tunnel™ Activity Tunnel Cat Toy (Medium)


Instincts by SmartyKat® Teaser Tunnel™ releases your cat’s inner instincts with fringe and attached dangling teaser cat toy with ribbons and plush feather boa. The tunnel material produces a rustling sound as your cat zooms through it, a proven attractant to cats, sounding like prey scurrying through grass and leaves. Spring-ended entrances ensure fringe and toy dangles temptingly as your cat moves through the tunnel, simulating the solitary hunting activity your cat would enjoy in the wild. Teaser Tunnel™ gives your cat a satisfying hunt with safer and kinder “prey.”


  • ACTIVATE PLAYTIME: SmartyKat Instincts Teaser Tunnel’s attached bouncy dangling teaser cat toy, fringe, and rustly tunnel material sparks the fun, attracting cats to explore

  • CAT PLAY SPACE: Expands to 2 ft, giving your cat enough space to race

  • DESIGNED FOR ACTIVITY: Spring-ended entrances ideal for wrestling; attached cat toy and fringe great for pawing and swatting; tunnel great for zooming, racing, and privacy

  • INDEPENDENT PLAY: Great for multiple cat households and great for the independent cat in your life; tunnels offer cats a safer space to hide as well as rewarding solitary play

  • TIPS & TRICKS: Put in a place your cat feels most comfortable; for extra excitement apply SmartyKat Catnip Mist, Organic Catnip , or Catnip with Silvervine (sold separately)

  • DIMENSIONS: Tunnel Expanded – 24.00″L x 9.00″W x 9.00″H

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: All our products are backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee with proof of purchase from an authorized seller

  • WARNING: For pets only. Pets should be supervised when using this product. Remove if any part becomes loose or detached. Do not allow pet to ingest any parts. Remove all packaging and dispose of properly or retain in a safe place as appropriate. Read all warnings and instructions on packaging thoroughly before use.

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