Dog Tricks: Three Steps For Teaching Your Dog To Roll Over

While you may toss and turn at night and be miserable, you can at least teach your dog to do it and have a little fun. Here are the steps for teaching your dog to roll over:

1) Making things easier

Besides having treats you should make it as easy as possible for your dog to roll over. Try starting out on the down slope of a small hill to help out with your dog’s momentum. If not they might go only halfway around.

2) Implementing the command

While your dog is lying down take the treat, show it to him and sweep it over his head so he has to turn over to get the treat. Where the head goes the body will too so after he completes a turn, give him the dog treat. While he’s turning also be sure to make your command of “roll over” clear.

3) Know your pooch

Rolling over is a fun trick but you should reserve it only for when your dog is young and flexible. Considering size is also important. While small dogs may be able to roll over multiple times, bigger dogs have a lot more mass and shouldn’t be expected to do too many.

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